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Are you a women who is mentally exhausted, physically drained, frustrated with outcomes, vision is still just a dream or ready to execute your vision or just serious about taking your wellness, wealth, business and networking circle to the next level. We created a conference just for you with experienced speakers who can get you to that next level.
Our "Girlz Run the World In Pearls" program empowers girlz to take on the world in their pearls.
Join us for our 1st Annual Girlz Run the World In Pearls Women's Empowerment & Wellness Retreat  2020

Come and stay with us at our 3  Day  2 night all inclusive retreat with catered meals at  low inaugural prices at 
The Harbor Stay Retreats - A Luxury Waterfront Retreat
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CEO & Founder Annette Watson-Johnson

      Why pearls? I am fascinated with pearls because they represent me as a women of color. So I wear them as a reminder.  I understand how they are created and what they must endure before they are hardened into strong beautiful jewels. They are formed into strong pearls which are created from their environment. So I wear them proudly in authentic or costume styles. In my head pearls are synonymous with women of color (or any other women) who has historically endured persecution, mistreatment and have been underestimated but we have persevered.  

     Like pearls, women of color are strong and (or an other women who has shared similar) are highly esteemed and have been objects of beauty for many centuries. We have birthed many nations and the world owe us gratitude. Because of our history, our strength, courage and willpower, we have become metaphors for something rare, fine, admirable and valuable. Like pearls we are the most imitated and are adorned in any style of fashion. 

     We may be underestimated or even unappreciated but we know our worth, and can multitask to produce multiple streams of income with or without education. We understand that there is enough success for us all and will support other women because the spirit of intimidation is not a factor.    

     We often forget our self care regiment to make our mental, physical and spiritual wellness a priority so our mssion is to help you navigate your self care journey.  We have lots of surprises, entertainment and door prizes and we can’t wait to meet all you Girlz Who Run the World in Pearls coming from all over the world at this event. Registration is active see below.



Annette Watson-Johnson is a Wellness Ambassador, Author, Motivational Speaker, Consultant, founder & CEO of Dynamic Participators Enterprise Inc.

Friday Oct 16, 2020
3pm - 4pm - Check In & Networking

4pm-6pm - speakers (Dinner Served)

8pm-11pm -Pajama Pamper Party

Saturday Oct 17, 2020

8am - 6pm - Scheduled speakers 

11am -1pm - Authors & Brunch 

8pm-11pm - Girlz In Pearls wearing
Black & White Event with Fashion Extravaganza
Girlz Run The World In Pearls Empowerment & Wellness Retreat 2020

Join us for the Girlz Run The World In Pearls Empowerment & Wellness Retreat at The Harbor Stay Retreats –
A Luxury Waterfront Retreat
Oct 16-18, 2020

Are you a women who has experienced adversities that have left you mentally exhausted, physically drained, and made you lose faith? Let us escort you out of your oyster shells!

On Friday and Saturday our guest speakers will bless you with their authentic testimonials on topics such as leadership, mental illness, physical wellness, veganism, business, finance, overcoming abuse and much more. Our late Friday night Pajama Party & Saturdays Fashion Extravaganza is guaranteed to be like no other.

On Sunday our Ultimate Vision Board Experience & Brunch Event will empower you to execute your vision and provide you with the additional tools you will need to achieve your vision to come to fruition.
Weekend Includes: 
All meals & snacks
Overnight accommodations (bunkbed style)
Vision board supplies
Writing Journal
Goody bag
Vegan Cook Book
Daily Prizes
Vegan Cooking Lessons

Grab your girls and don’t forget to bring your pearls! Full weekend schedule will be emailed to attendees.
Sponsorship and Vendors are also welcome but need to contact us to reserve your space so call (813) 334-3120 or email us at or visit
*Most bunkbed style accommodations are upstairs with limited 1st floor beds and will be assigned on a 1st come 1st requested basis until sold out. Check out this beautiful retreat! 
Sunday Oct 18,2020

8:00am-10am -Physical Wellness Morning with walk, Yoga, music, fun & healthy snacks, and smoothie making class. 

10am-2pm  Spiritual Wellness Focused classes/ speakers, vision board (brunch served) 
2pm -3pm check out

Our amazing speakers can't wait to meet you!

Principal Rosette Brown (retired) is a Motivational Speaker. Received numerous & prestigious Leadership awards. .

Sonya Jenkins 
Founder and Ower of 
Vegan So Simple

Elizabeth Jennings is a Beauty Business CEO & Strategist and The Minister of Beauty specializing in Beauty Biz consulting, Owner of Carolina Eye Candy, LLC.

Debbie Hardcastle
Nutritional Cleansing & Wellness Coach
Holistic Life Coach

Adrienne Jenkins Hunt is an Author, Motivational Speaker, Certified Business Coach and Women's Empowerment Coach. Owner of Hunt’s Business Solutions Inc.Heading

Nicole Williams is a Cook Book Author, Motivational Speaker and the owner of The Vegan Lady Soul Company.

Erika Simmons is a Financial Broker Senior Associate, Motivational Speaker with a focus on Financial Education and Financial Vision.

Cairo Williams 
International Model Extraordinaire
CEO Clock and Flow Runway System

First Lady Janice Brown
Missionary and prayer warrior, Sunshine Band Leader

Phillip Washington
COO YB Limited Skincare
Owner and Founder at YBLimited Model Management

We are seeking Sponsors & Vendors!

Dear Perspective Sponsor,

     Dynamic Participators Enterprise Inc. (dP) is requesting your assistance in securing sponsorship as an investment in our Inaugural Girlz Run The World In Pearls Women’s Wellness & Empowerment Retreat to be held Oct 16-18, 2020 in Melbourne FL. Becoming a sponsor at our very worthy event will increase your business exposure and can likely increase your sales. This event will include mental, physical and spiritual inclusive wellness Consultants, Speakers, vegan catered meals and activities. We estimate that today more women are falling prey to the hustle and bustle of life with no knowledge of how to incorporate self-care wellness products and services to prevent breakdowns, mental illness, diseases and loss of the faith. Our organization want to empower and equip the attendees with these elements so that they can become Wellness Ambassadors for themselves and their families. They will leave this event self-care focused and ready to see their visions as healthy college educated, business owners, Authors, etc. come to fruition but we need sponsorship in order to do so. The information they obtain at this event will be useful throughout their lives. Our organization is dedicated to the process of making that happen but we need your help.

     Your sponsorship will bring us closer to our goals and help offset the cost for the attendees as we would also like to set aside 10 reservations aspiring seniors or early college students (17-24) years of age. Our next generation of young adults are having a difficult time dealing with the demands of college and work life balance. Many have mental break downs, give up and do not see their vision come to fruition. We are excited to give them that self-care knowledge that will help them combat the stress and unhealthy lifestyles that they endure on a daily basis. Our wellness community of collaborating partners are clearly excited and eager to see this event succeed. We are community partners with other Women Owned Organizations in Cocoa Florida, Omaha NE, St. Louis MO., Brooklyn New York, Santa Monica CA and Jacksonville FL. We are featured in KISH and IBA magazines with over 10,000 subscribers and we are very active on all social media outlets with also over 5,000 friends. We are currently working on obtaining our non-profit organization (501c3) status so that your donation can be tax-deductible this year. You can be a part of that excitement by supporting these women by choosing a sponsorship level below prior to Feb 28, 2020.

Title Sponsorship $3,000
1. Reference to the event name, preceded by your company name
2. Prominent logo and/or company name on all promotions and publicity including, print ads, press releases, all registrations. 
3. Hyperlink to your website from ours
4. Banner space and signage at the event
5. Promotional Table at event
6. Full page add in Participant Journal Souvenir Books
Presenting Sponsorship $2,000
1. Named as the Presenting Sponsor of the event
2. Prominent logo and/or company name on all promotions and publicity including: press releases, all registrations. 
3. Hyperlink to your website from ours
4. Banner space and signage at the event
5. Full page add in Participant Journal Souvenir Books
 Gold Level Sponsorship $1,000
1. Proportionate sized logo and/or company name on all promotions and publicity including: press releases, all registrations. 
2. Hyperlink to your website from ours
3. Banner space and signage Gold Level Sponsorship
4. Half page add in Participant Journal Souvenir Books
Bronze Sponsorship
Option 1: Individuals can donate $499 to sponsor aspiring college bound (17-24) year of age women seeking these skills.
Half page add or shout out in our Participant Journal Souvenir Books
Option 2: Participant Journal Souvenir Books:
-   Full Page add $100.
-   ½ page add $75
-   ¼ Page add $50
-    Business Card add $25
Option 3: Speaker Travel Sponsorship (increments of $100)
Booster Club
1. In-Kind Donation (example: 500 bags, wellness oils, lotions, gift cards etc.)
Limited Vendor Tables $100
1. Booth table provided to sell and promote your merchandise
2. Business card add in Participant Journal Souvenir Books
*Our Participant Journal Souvenir Books are created with activities for the attendees to use during the event and continuously for an additional year or more.
I would like to thank you for considering this opportunity. Please make payment via credit card at the Add to Cart link above which will lead you to the eventbrite page. Choose the Sponsoship ticket to make payment.  If you have any queries regarding our organization, our fund management procedures, or the project itself, please feel free to contact DP President Annette Watson-Johnson (813) 334-3120 or email:
Thank you,

CEO Annette Watson-Johnson
(813) 334-3120  



Vendor Agreement

Now, therefore, the parties agree as follows:
Whereas, Vendor desires to vend products and or series at and during the said Event, and
Whereas, Vendor agree to pay Host in the sum of $50 in advance for the license to vend at and during the Girlz Run The World In Pearls Empowerment & Wellness Event (vending hours 17 & 18 Oct 2019 from set up 6am – shut down at 6pm)
Vendor shall have access to the location agreed upon by the parties no less than two hours before Events commencement for the purpose of setting up Vendors vending station, goods, and other things necessary and reasonable to vending at the location.
Vendor shall not vend any goods or services other than those described to host herein during Event without the Host’s written consent.
Vendor’s vending station is location shall be no larger the designated area agreed upon.
Vendor’s staff may announce the availability of the goods to be vended only while they are within the confines of the vendor location.
Vendor’s staff shall be clothed and groomed in a clean, neat fashion and shall conduct themselves in an orderly fashion.
No loud music, noise, or sound amplication devices shall be used by vendor’s staff at the location.
Vendor shall have access to location for up to two hours after the Event’s conclusion to dismantle and remove all things brought to the location by Vendor. Vendor shall leave the location clean of trash and substantially in the condition it was before Vendor occupied it.
Vendor hereby agrees to indemnify and hold harmless the Host any damages or claims that may arise in connection with Vendor’s presence at the Event and Vendor’s activities of any kind.
No refunds will be granted but the option to secure a table at no cost for one of our future events will be granted.
Vendor must get authorization from Host prior to making payment to ensure no duplication of products will exist at the event.
 the event.

Get your tickets today by registering at For sponsoship oppurtunities please make checks payable to Dynamic Participators Enterrpise Inc. and mail to the address Attn: Annette Watson-Johnson PO BOX 560134 Rockledge FL 32956 or logon to to pay via credit card. If you have any queries regarding our organization, our fund management procedures, or the project itself, please feel free to contact CEO Annette Watson-Johnson (813) 334-3120 or email: