It Takes Money Honey

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I can now add Author to my list of accolades! Yes I am part of this awesome book collaboration with over 100 other Womenpreneurs and our downloadable book released today and is already on the Amazon best sellers list. Please support and purchase yours today. I am soooooo excited!

It Takes Money Honey: Guaranteed Strategies to Wealth 
Creation, Proven Tips for Financial Freedom and Developing Faith
Do your days usually go by uninspired, unproductive where you find yourself lacking faith in yourself as you do of God? Have you lost that excitement and passion which drives you to dig deeper and pursue the rich life you know you deserve?
In pursuit of a life of financial stability and abundance, growth in faith and freedom to become ourselves as well as from self limiting beliefs each page has been written to reflect these desires to empower other women to thrive. You will be challenged, encouraged, inspired, uplifted, equipped and gently irritated to achieve your dreams and aspirations. Your life will also be enhanced with guaranteed strategies for wealth creation, proven tips for financial freedom and for developing faith.

It's time to live a changed, transformed, and upgraded life injected with transformational principles and empowering truths. Join It Takes Money Honey- Freedom, Faith and Finances, a collaboration of enlightened women on a journey to daily transformation and growth.

Daily Dose of Declarations 

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You are invited to our Book Release Party in honor of Women's Equality August 17, 2019 from 2-5 at 2211 Lee Road STE 109 Wnter Park Florda 32789. You may preorder your autographed hard copy now as I have limited hard copies with me. Cost is $19.99

All others outside of FL. $27.94 (19.99 + $7.95 S&H)
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Co Author CEO Annette Watson-Johnson

THE Daily Dose of Declarations Book Collaboration Project:

’m so excited! I want to share my new best selling book. I’ve been blessed this year to be a part of a project that is close to my heart. My friends and I are a part of a movement to promote awareness for mental health and to combat suicide with awareness. So, for this effort I’d love your support! Look for our new book, Daily Dose of Declarations: A 365 Day Journey To Help You Declare Positive Affirmations Over Your Life.


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Please visit the Girlz Run The World In Pearls online store, your one stop shop for fun pearl fashions and accessories. We are a women owned small business seeking to empower women and girlz all over the world to come together to live encouraged and to step out of their oysters like pearls empowered and ready to pursue their visions as we need each other to take on the world as we are so desperately needed to do so. We understand that everyone has their favorite way to wear their freshwater or imitation pearls, but what they represent to us is the strength of a women who has persevered through her adversities and came out stronger than ever.

This Book COLLABORATION serves as a tool that influences, promotes, enhance, uplift, educates, edifies, empowers, and encourages one to self-reflect then self-care by incorporating mental, physical and spiritual elements into their lifetime wellness journeys. By doing so they will be more empowered to conquer the world to execute their vision or to seek what they want out of life regardless

of the painful journeys they've traveled.

1. Women who desire to use their real life testimony to empower other women to step out the bed of an oyster shell by unmasking the adversities that held them hostage and stalled their vision from coming to fruition.
2. International women all around the world including Community Leaders, pastors, prophets, teachers, coaches, poets, business women & inspirational writers are all welcome and encouraged to participate.

Benefits of being a part of this book collaboration:
· Fast, easy and cost-effective way for you to become a published author (Value - Priceless)
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· Book release date Feb 2020 ~ all co-authors are invited to the book release celebration to be held in Central Florida on March 19, 2020 time and location TBD.
What are your next steps?
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$309 until June 30, 2019

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All questions can be posted to our closed face book page or emailed to me at Contact me asap if interested.