What We Do and How We Can Help You!
Vision: To be the premier company that is highly sought after to teach, promote & encourage the incorporation of the trilogy of our services that encompasses family, community and organizational employee well-being.  

Mission: To reaffirm the fact that the trilogy of services we offer (Mental, Physical, and Spiritual Wellness)) are all correlated and must be utilized in combination with all aspects of our daily lives.
We endorse this trilogy by these means: professional consultation, motivational workshops, community outreach activities, virtual run/walk events, motivational material, youth mentoring activities and symposium style methods. These techniques are not all inclusive of the variety of services we offer because we realize that as our company continues to grow, new ideas, data and customer demands may warrant updated innovative methodologies.  
    We define Mental Wellness as “the psychological well-being and a satisfactory adjustment to society and to the ordinary demands of life”. Knowledge is power, so indulging in the cognitive presence of mental health and mental instability can lead to the positive spectrum such as rebuilding relationships within your family, community and workplace.
    We define Physical Wellness as “when the body works as well as it can”. dP endorses physical activities into your life that will reduce your stress levels and improve your overall health.
    We define Spiritual Wellness as being “measured by the amount of peace and harmony an individual experience on a daily basis”. dP upholds this constitutional right “Freedom of Religion” and incorporates many activities into our events to help you maintain and uplift that spiritual connection to whom you’re blessings flow. dP yield a non-denominational approach because we offer our services to all nationalities and faiths.

Our Products/Services

Professional Consultation – We solicit and outsource highly qualified & certified professionals (Doctors, Mental Health Professionals, Social Workers, Health Gurus, Spiritual Leaders, and Advisers etc.) that can offer insight within the trilogy area(s) for our many events.

Motivational Workshops – Our workshops consist of our one to three day highly sought after scheduled activities. Our consultants will specialize accordingly.

Community Outreach Activities – We cater to the many communities that are in desperate need of our services. We incorporate activities and events that can foster residential commitments to promote pro-social relationships for the betterment of the community.

Virtual Events – Our virtual activities are created to inspire physical health by offering a variety fun run/walk events. These events can be performed solo or with family, friends, organizations, schools, and churches. These fun run/walk events can also be utilized for fundraising opportunities. Whatever the occasion, we specialize more entertaining and unforgettable events.

Motivational Material - Motivational and downloadable materials are available on our blog or and at our events. We will continue to update new information as it becomes available.

Symposium Style Methods - Our symposiums consist of our five to seven-day highly sought after scheduled activities. Our consultants will specialize accordingly.